Tote Hughes

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I'm an author and physics graduate student. My real name is Elliot, but I want people to use "Tote" and "Elliot" interchangeably when addressing me. To my disappointment, no one does this.

About Me

Learn more about me.

Detailed contact information

Upcoming events
A list of upcoming events involving me

Things I like
A page that leads to a variety of things that appeal to me. These things are generally not my work, which is generally below.


This is my first book, a novella.

A working title for my second book.

Short stories
A collection of short stories. There aren't many elements of the set at the moment, but some collections are just like that.

Fiction I've read
This is a list of most of the fiction I've read. Yes, it was a deliberate choice not to include Animorphs.

Verniana: Fishing For Lion
Jump to Page 3 for context.


Cloud Appreciation Society
I'm a member of the Cloud Appreciation Society.

Oyster Squadron
I'm a corresponding member of the Oyster Squadron, a strange organization with questionable motives.


Postcard: Mount Fuji
This is a postcard I sent to myself from the top of Mount Fuji.

Letter: Thomas Pynchon
This is an odd letter I wrote to Thomas Pynchon in a moment of enthusiasm.


This is an incomplete set of dinosaur notes that I bring to natural history museums.


This is a simplistic, stylish Reddit theme I made.